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Phantoms Of Us 2011



Choreography: Eleesha Drennan

Visual artist: Sue Williams

Music: Bumbo and Dark Eyes by Moondog; Waltzing Above Ground by Guy Klucevsek; Duhast and T’ma by Vespercellos

Lighting Design: Joe Fletcher

Costume Maker: Angharad Spencer

Commissioned by NDCWales

Dancers: Annabeth Berkeley, Lee Johnston, Karol Cysewski, Eran Gisin, Neus Gil Cortés, Ygal Tsur, Gareth Mole and Nicholas Bodych



Phantoms Of Us explores the struggle for freedom and individuality within a group identity. As the rhythmic accompaniment sets in, the dancers emerge from beneath large projected images by Sue Williams . They suggest figments of the imagination, or shadows from another time. They are reminiscent of cave drawings, imprinted or projected onto the dancers like hollow representations of themselves. There is a sense of something overseeing you and empowering you, creating a haunting sensation.”


“The costumes act as a second layer of skin to reveal the bodily form and compel the mind to focus on the sheer physicality of the movement of these androgynous forms. When we reach beyond our superficial identity, it forces us to look within ourselves. There is something very powerful about seeing a person in their purest form. Stripping away the layers of what we hide behind gives a real sense of vulnerability and if we dare to let ourselves be vulnerable we can access a deeper form of courage.”


Eleesha Drennan proved she is one to watch with her mesmerising piece Phantoms Of Us.” - Natalie Crockett ,South Wales Argus 31/01/12


“This evocative work showed the dancers to good advantage”- Jonathan Gray Jan 6 2012 Dancing Times (on Phantoms of Us)


Whiskers 2012


Choreography and Dancer: Eleesha Drennan

Lighting Design: Joe Fletcher

Music: Moondog and Zapmama

Awarded 1st Prize for Performance at the 16th International Solo Dance Theatre Festival Stuttgart

Whiskers was inspired by the ancient folk tale La Loba from  Women Who Run with The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. It embodies the sensitivity and alertness of a woman on the edge of danger. Whiskers embodies the wild hearted free spirit of La Loba who gathers bones in the forest and breathes life back into them.

‘She is known to collect and preserve especially that which is in danger of being lost to the world.’ -Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Frontier 2013


Exploring what is at stake on the edge of our personal frontier . Commissioned for London Contemporary Dance School for ADS Post-Graduate students. Frontier is a 15 minute work for seven dancers created to music by Zoe Keating and Moondog. It was performed as part of the graduation showcase in July 2013 at the Robin Howard Theatre, London.

The View From Here 2009


A duet for two women about judgement and change of perspective. The audience occupied the stage while the dancers used a channel of space leading up to the seating bank where ‘The View from Here’ mostly took place offering a unique exchange between audience and performers. Music by Radiohead and Kronos Quartet. Lighting design by Joe Fletcher

Bestial Acts 2008


Created as part of NDCWales alternative routes season. Set inside an 8x10 dome shaped cage, five dancers explore the struggle for freedom and liberation from social construct. Performed in five venues across Wales receiving a powerful response that encouraged Drennan’s choreographic career.











Virtual Descent 2013


Choreography and Costume designs Eleesha Drennan Music: Heartland by Mark Bowden
Set and Lighting design Joe Fletcher
Percussion soloist Julian Warburton

Commissioned by National Dance Company Wales

Dancers: Lee Johnston, Annabeth Berkeley, Mathieu Geffré, Natalie Corne, Matteo Marfoglia, Gareth Mole, Neus Gil cortés, Josef Perou, Camille Giraudeau, Matteo Marfoglia, Àngela boix Duran, Alistair Goldsmith, Emily Pottage

Made to an original percussion concerto recorded by BBC National Orchestra of Wales with soloist Julian Warburton, and written by their resident composer Mark Bowden, Virtual Descent is set in an imaginary future in which the dancers seek to recover our lost humanity. The necessity to communicate and evolve makes them warriors of hope in a dystopian land.


“An exceptional and absorbing Pleasure”- Virtual Descent, the Guardian, Judith Mackrell 3/11/13


“Another development for the talented choreographer, her vocabulary is rich in new inventive movement and mesmerising intensity.”

Mike Smith, Theatre in Wales March 3, 2013

Imbue 2010


Choreography: Eleesha Drennan

Visual Artist: Sue Williams

Lighting Design: Joe Fletcher

Music by Tom Waits, Kidkanevil, Break of Reality and  Zap mama.


A trio created for NDCWales alternative routes season. The dancers embody a primitive desire to break out of the molded casts of body parts sprinkled around them. Covered from head to toe in white body paint, Imbue provokes a sensual discovery of the power to transform. Created to music by Tom Waits, Kidkanevil, Break of Reality and  Zap mama.


“You only have to watch Imbue, the evening’s finale, to see the skill and sheer lyricism that is largely beyond the grasp of us regular punters……..The latter particularly showcased the relationship between these choreographers and their designers – including Artes Mundi-shortlisted visual artist Sue Williams”.

Jason Jones

Carve 2012


A trio created during a choreographic residency with North Netherlands Dance company.  Received mentorship from Artistic Director, Stephen Shropshire which lead to many creative breakthroughs including an exploration of rhythm and how music can be made visible through the body.








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