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The new production from award winning choreographer Eleesha Drennan.


Three extraordinary dancers embark on a physical and poetic escapade in search of utopia. Dancing a delicate balance between fantasy and realism, they unfold the fabric of human motivation. Grappling with the grit of optimism. Haunted by the desire to escape.


Channel Rose is filled with bold and sensual physicality. It’s an unforgettable visual feast, evoking the riches of the imagination and fuelled by stirring rhythms.


The production is performed to an original live score of saxophone and percussion, composed and curated by the acclaimed Mark Bowden, performed by internationally renowned musicians Julian Warburton and Simon Haram.


Channel Rose Creative Team

Choreographer: Eleesha Drennan

Composer/Curator: Mark Bowden

Dancers: Annabeth Berkeley, Annamari Keskinen, Kenny Wing Tao Ho

Musicians: Julian Warburton, Simon Haram

Lighting Designer: Guy Hoare

Creative Producer: Tess Howell

Costume: Nia Thompson

Special Thanks to  our Sponsors:

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